November 17 Take-N-Bake Pie Class with Dani Kump


November 17 Take-N-Bake Pie Class with Dani Kump


11/17 Take-N-Bake Class with Dani Kump

Learn pie making techniques with Dani while enjoying fresh-baked pies and coffee.

Class Description:

You will see a demo on how to make a delicious American staple with a perfectly flaky crust and a delicious filling, and then try your hand at your own Apple Pie to take home and bake for the holidays. Come hungry and ready to have a good time!


Pie pan, Hayden Flour Mills Pastry Flour, and a Hayden Flour Mills signature Tea Towel.


Hayden Flour Mills at Sossaman Farms
22100 S Sossaman Rd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85412

Date & Time:  

Saturday, November 17

Dani Kump is an artist, teacher, and culinary explorer. She experiments with new formats for building community in the form of wood-fired pizza making, cooking classes and collaborative art projects. Her particular interest in growing food and learning to cook began with a simple desire to feed her family. A dozen years, hundreds of cookbooks, and many gardens later, she is more engaged than ever in the desire to bring people to the table by empowering them to eat and cook well.

Find Dani on instagram @danimadethis


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