soba noodles flat
soba noodles in hand

Freshly made soba noodles are delicious and simple to make. With Sonoko Sakai, a Japanese home cooking instructor and founder of Common Grains, we’ll review the Japanese pantry, and how to make and serve Soba, the traditional hand-rolled and cut buckwheat noodles. The class will prepare the soba two ways, cold with soy-bonito dashi dipping sauces and served hot in a broth. Students will take home soba and dipping sauces/broths.


Plain soba with bonito konbu dipping sauce and herbs / Soba with winter vegetables / Hot soba noodle soup with duck, ginger and scallions / Dessert & green tea

+ At The Clever Koi from 6-9pm

+ During the workshop you will make and share a three course soba meal and have noodles and sauces to take home.

+++Limited to 15 seats+++