if i had a million dollars...

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...I would invest in some of the other entrepreneurs who presented along side us in the Slow Money showcase. (If you are interested you can watch our pitch here.)

Slow Money is all about investing money at home. And you don't just get a monetary return on your investment, you take part in creating the kind of place you want to live and play in. It's about thinking long term, and investing in businesses that don't just take, but give back. To the community and the soil.

Here's a few of my favorites. If anything, we need people doing similar projects right here in Arizona.  

1. Salume Beddu. The guy that started this company trained with Mario Batali. It was just one of the many presentations that made me drool. Who doesn't love artisan Salume? 

2. Fermented sauerkraut is completely different from the pickled stuff. And it's much better for you--all that good bacteria. There were two companies doing some great work in fermentation: Zuke in CO and Farmhouse Culture in CA.

3. Recipe food boxes from Out of the Box Collective  in L.A.. It's like a CSA meets menu planning.  I think this is perfect for a busy family who still wants to eat healthy home-cooked dinners.  And I love the holiday themed boxes. 

4. Sea to Table. I loved this one because it is so confusing buying fish at the grocery store. If you know just a little bit about over fishing, buying a fillet of salmon can cause some serious anxiety. This business proposes to get you the freshest and most sustainably caught fish. 

5. We presented right after Paul Schwennesen from Double Check Ranch. Another AZ business. And it was a hard act to follow. Paul's looking to converse land in the West by ranching on it. So more delicious grass fed beef and more open land. Good idea, right?

6. Kitchen Coop. Here's one that small food producers in AZ would love to see in their own backyard. A shared commercial kitchen space and packing facility. 

7. Revision International. This group is working to combat the food deserts in Denver. They are working with communities to grow their own food. Reminds me of the good work that IRC is doing in Phoenix. 

8. St Benoit Creamery in CA. This French style yogurt comes in the most beautiful ceramic cup which can be returned and re-used by the creamery. The passion and craft that goes into this product is inspiring. 

Luckily you don't need an extra million dollars to invest in these businesses. Of the $25 million invested in Slow Money businesses so far, most of them have been smaller investments from many indvidual investors. 

And for those that have been asking about the prize....

We were absolutely delighted to receive the People's Choice award. It was a generous donation from Slow Money conference attendees and matched by Jannie Hoffman of Mamma Chia.  So thank you to all those who voted for us on Facebook and at the conference. 

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