anatomy of a seed


Marco took these beautiful close-up shots of the White Sonora. And we noticed some things that we couldn't see with the naked eye.

For one, wheat is fuzzy.

Every grain is surrounded by silky strands, that form a little tuft of hair at one end.After some reading, I learned that this is called the  'brush end' the of the grain. And the little hairs act like straws and pull water around the growing grain.

There is one grain in each spiklet. And you can see from the 2nd and 4th pictures that those are fuzzy too. The 3rd picture is of the stalk. And you can see the individual veins that pull water from the ground to the wheat head- almost 1 meter up.

The grain is still green. Just coming out of its soft 'milk stage'. All it needs is a few more weeks in the field and it will be ready to harvest. 

Posted on May 8, 2013 and filed under Blog.