Earlier this summer Ramona Farms hosted a Freekah Party out at their farm. No. It wasn't a dance party. It's an old food tradition practiced by the people of the Fertile Crescent. Wheat is harvested early, while the grains are still immature and green. Then the chaff is burned off to reveal a smokey green wheat berry. We'd only even read about it in books, so we were eager to see what this Middle Eastern delicacy tasted like. 

We met up at the Ramona Farms Barns early in the morning and headed out the the fields to collect heads of wheat with our hand tools. (Luckily someone had googled how to use a scythe). When we had filled a large bin with our efforts, we brought the wheat back to the barns and used a flame thrower to burn off the chaff. Because the wheat is so moist it didn't burn with the chaff. We were left with only the charred heads of wheat. We rubbed them between our hands and soft green berries fell out. So sweet and chewy. Even better than what we'd read about.

We ended the morning with an incredible spread of traditional foods, all grown on Ramona Farms. We really hope that the Freekah Party becomes a yearly tradition. Thank you Ramona Farms for a beautiful food culture experience!

in the field freekah in hand cutting wheat burnt heads
Posted on September 16, 2013 and filed under Blog.