grain in the desert


For those who couldn't make it out for harvest. Here's what you missed:

1. Standing in 110 degree heat and getting covered in all-organic dust and dirt.

2. Riding in the John Deere combine with Mossy, the continental combine driver.

3. My dad getting a feather in his straw hat from the farmer. Well earned!

4. A beautiful Queen Creek morning: an amber field, the songs of soldier birds and the San Tan Mountains in the background.

5. Seeing truck-fulls of plump wheat berries grown in the desert. A miracle!

6. Making huge bouquets of White Sonora Wheat. 

7. Meeting chefs and friends who are passionate about reviving the local grain economy. 

Thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out to see the harvest. We are beyond excited to have our first crop of local and heritage grain. Now, to mill it all into flour! 

Posted on July 17, 2012 and filed under Blog.