wedding wheat

Since starting this business two years ago, grains and local foods have become a way of life in my family. So it was natural that they were woven throughout my wedding. 

Bouquet Drinks Pretzels Epi Bread Centerpiece

(Photo Credit Mike Olbinski

I gathered my bouquet of White Sonora during this summer's harvest. 

Robbie Tutlewski from Pane Bianco made a rustic Italian feast. He has such an understated talent with flavors. It was incredible and a simple reflection of the ingredients that surround us.  All I know is that he started preparing the pork for five days before the wedding and that I am indebted to him for the rest of my life. 

Marco Bianco sculpted loaves into wheat so they could be easily broken and shared at each table. 

The Brat Haus made smaller versions of their house pretzels using our flour. I heard that they were amazing but I never got to taste one myself. 

My cousin Jason made a special brew using White Sonora Wheat.  I did get a glass of this amazing beer and I think my cousin needs to start a brewery.

And my talented aunt designed all these wheat and fall vegetable centerpieces which made the tables look like renaissance still lifes.

And my dad gave an eloquent speech about the Supper of the Lamb and the symbolism of the wedding feast.

It was a perfect day (well me and my husband thought so) and we were so blessed by so many talented friends and family. 

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