Ramona Farms


If you are a real Phoenix foodie then you've heard of the Tepary bean. And you have Ramona and Terry Button to thank for putting this desert bean back on your plate. 

The Buttons have a beautiful farm in the Gila River Community where they grow a variety of beans and durum wheat. We mill their durum into semolina to make vibrant yellow pasta. (The Buttons are helping us mill their durum in the photo.)

But I have to tell you these people are more than ordinary farmers; they have an incredible vision for restoring the Gila River land to its former glory. I've also heard that Mr. Button knows how to hunt with stone tipped arrows. Which tells you this guy knows what he's doing!

Check out their products here

(Thanks to Brandy Button for the photo)

Posted on January 31, 2012 and filed under Blog.