grain school snapshots

outdoor polenta.jpg
farro piccolo.jpg
Sifting Polenta.jpg

1. A rustic blue corn polenta. Shelled and milled by a collective effort, and cooked by the chefs from Canela on an outdoor grill.

2.What is Farro Piccolo? It's another word for Einkorn, the first domesticated variety of wheat. 

3. A mix of ancient corn varieties out at the Native Seed/SEARCH research farm. Hopefully this colorful corn will be back on our tables someday soon!

4. Sifting out the cornmeal, polenta and grits after a stone milling demo. 

Thanks to Belle and Bill and the wonderful people at Native Seeds/SEARCH for the first ever Grain School!

Posted on January 17, 2012 and filed under Blog.