the first stone mill

Since moving the mill into the back of Pane Bianco we've been busy getting the mill prepped and tuned before we could turn it on. First we had to reassemble it, have it specially wired (and then re-wired because somebody but the motor back on wrong:me!) and then we had to level out the milling stones which had shifted in transit. But finally, this morning, we flipped the switch and threw in the first bag of grain. A Organic Turkey Red from Kansas. 

And guess what? It worked!

We were so pleased with our first batch of flour that Marco, Pane's baker extrordinare, took it right from the hopper and put it in his mixer. It will have to proof over night, but tomorrow we are going to bake some loafs and we are crossing our fingers for something inspirational. Stay tuned!

Posted on August 30, 2011 and filed under Blog.