the old mill

There is an article in today's State Press about the renovation of the old mill building on Mill Avenue. We're excited to see the mill get a fresh coat of paint but more excited for this important piece of Tempe history get some attention. 

We've always said that the re-establishment of Hayden Flour Mills is in the spirit of the mill that Charles T. Hayden founded in 1872. Simply put. Charles T. Hayden was a great man. He had a vision for Tempe and Arizona and he was known as a friend to all people. 

Before the roller mills and bleached flour, Hayden Flour Mills was powered by the Salt River and stone milled the wheat that came from Arizona farms, mostly grown by the Pima Indians. Today we would call this flour fancy, organic, local, unbleached or natural. But in 1872, that's just how it was. 

We hope that the restoration of the mill building is also a restoration of some of the things that Charles T. Hayden valued: the land, the people and good tasting flour. 

old mill with truch infront.jpg
Posted on November 16, 2011 and filed under Blog.