Our Story

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The legend goes that in 1868, Charles Hayden was making his way up North when he was waylaid by dangerously high waters on the Salt River. While waiting for the waters to subside, he stood on top of Tempe Butte and looked out on the fertile land surrounding him, envisioning an ideal spot to establish Hayden Flour Mills. 

More than 100 years later we are re-creating Mr. Hayden’s vision. By growing the same heritage grains on the same land, we are bringing back a time when flour was non-hybridized, minimally processed and flavorful.  


Meet the Hayden Flour Mills Team

Jeff Zimmerman

Jeff is the founder and "idea guy" of our little company. He grew up on his family's farm in North Dakota. Quite the transition to our dry heat in Arizona! Jeff is very creative and is always dreaming of new innovations. If you visit us at one of our farmer's markets, you are likely to meet Jeff - please say hi! In his spare time, Jeff likes to make and cook fresh pasta with his fancy pasta extruder.

Jeff is outstanding in his field.

Jeff is outstanding in his field.

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Emma Zimmerman

Emma is Jeff's daughter and the brains of the operation. Think of them as yin and yang: Jeff's dreaming and creativity is balanced by Emma's get-it-done attitude. Emma does everything - balances the books, talks to chefs, makes deliveries, and even mills alongside Ben when he needs a hand. Emma is so dedicated to the flour mill that her bridal bouquet was fashioned entirely from White Sonora wheat stalks! She and her husband are in the process of restoring a 100 year old house in downtown Phoenix. It's fitting that she is taking something old and forgotten, and making it beautiful again.

Ben Butler

Ben is our bearded miller extraordinaire! He grew up in Tempe, near the home of the original Hayden Flour Mill. Every ounce of grain is milled to perfection by Ben. When he isn't grinding and sifting flour, Ben enjoys flyfishing, camping, hiking, and carpentry. His favorite thing to cook is real barbecue chicken legs, and he loves making pancakes and bread with freshly milled flour. Being a jack-of-all-trades, Ben is also an avid banjo player!


Ben and the Osttiroler.

Ben and the Osttiroler.

Caroline Sossaman

Caroline also grew up on Sossaman Farms (she could drive a tractor before she could drive a car). Her job is answering emails and packing & shipping all of our online orders. When she's not running back and forth to the post office or the Mill, Caroline can be found hanging out at metal shows or eating bread.

Caroline enjoys being princess of the wheat fields.

Caroline enjoys being princess of the wheat fields.